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The GMS 70th Anniversary … September 16    

I am collecting “reminiscences” to present at the 70th dinner.

SO … I am asking GMS members to send me some funny incidents, “bloopers” or memorable moments in GMS shows.


  • A prankster put several bricks in a suitcase that was to be carried on by one of the dancers. Needless to say she struggled!
  • A knife thrown straight up to the ceiling by Todd Keys in Annie .. never came down.
  • A moustache Ted Williams was wearing fell off during his solo song.

PLEASE send me some stories - either via the GMS Facebook page or at my email  


GMS will be presenting The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee in Februray 2018 in
The Don Craig Room.
We are taking Expressions of Interest from those wishing to direct this show.
Please contact the GMS Secretary April Daley-Holmes at if interested in being interviewed in August for the position of Director.

GMS June 2017 Newsletter (created by Scott Goodacre)        







GMS PRogram for the 2017 season:

  • peter pan (january)

  • evita (march)

  • Bring it on (july)

  • young frankenstein (july / august)

  • chicago (october / november)  

                                                       Show Dates for 2017 Season

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the gms constitution

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gms honour board

If there is a GMS member(s) you would like to nominate for the Honour Board, please contact Secretary April Daley-Holmes via our GMS email -

Criteria for nominations

* At least 10 years active membership in GMS. This does not have to be consecutive.

* Active in several roles (i.e. production team, crew, onstage, Committee, orchestra, etc) during the 10 year membership.

When sending in your nomination(s), please give a brief timeline of years and activities of those nominated.