chicago (October / November 2017)

Just had to let you know what an absolutely amazing, spectacular, brilliant, awesome and whatever other superlatives you can think of, your production of  "Chicago" was. I had the pleasure of seeing it on Saturday afternoon and would have to say that I enjoyed as much, if not more, than both the recent and older Sydney versions with Caroline O'Connor. What talent we have locally. I'm a huge fan of everything "Chicago" and could easily sit through it another six times. Congratulations to all involved, especially Toni and Karen.


Julie Pickett



EVITA (MaRCH 4, 2017)

Once again the entire cast and crew have astounded me with the production of Evita Saturday night, March 4.

Kasey McKenzie was phenomenal as Eva Peron. Captured her spirit completely, was playful and passionate; ambitious and stately. Played the part beautifully! Moved me to tears especially the beautiful rendition of "Don't Cry" which had the audience spellbound. Not once but twice I found myself (as did the rest of the audience) not wanting to break the spell with applause! So powerful.

Loved the set (especially the surprising moveable balcony) the lighting was amazing, the projected cityscape so effective and clever!

The choreography was the best I've seen in four years of GMS productions and that is really saying something. I'm so impressed by the complexity of the dance routines, its perfect accompaniment to the awesome music, it was fantastic to watch!
I have not stopped thinking about this show all day today.
Thank you GMS. I very much look forward to my yearly dose of musical theatre courtesy to your entire complement of performers and crew. Bravo!

Rebecca Giono


wicked (November 10, 2016)

I have just returned home after an absolutely glorious evening watching Wicked. To state this GMS production was outstanding, fantastic and positively exemplary does not contain enough superlatives . . .  it was sensational with a capital S.

To the skilful creative production team led by Nathan & Gary; the brilliant orchestra under the direction of Andrew; Marni’s and Brodie’s innovative choreography and the cutting-edge technical skills from Ken, Dean and Damian ….. congratulations on your fantastic accomplishments. The astounding costuming by Rhonda and her team were simply spectacular as was every segment of this entertaining musical.

The stamina, flair and professionalism displayed by our talented leading ladies Jess and Kate were in my humble and biased opinion worthy of a stint on The Great White Way (Broadway!). All the onstage characters were mesmerising and each demonstrated their talents in this very tight production.

As Vice President of GMS, I must convey how very proud I am to be part of such a talented and professional organisation. What an enthralling evening. Thank you, Team Wicked.

Darryl Davis


 The Addams Family

 Dear Chis,
Just a short mail to let you know how much we enjoyed the performance last night. The props, the music, the actors, the dancers and everyone involved in the show re to be congratulated. Everything was fantastic.
I also want to congratulate you and all your team at the theatre for the great job you do. We are regular visitors to the theatre since we moved up this way and all the shows we have been are fantastic. The artists you arrange for morning melodies have been all been great.
Keep up the great job.
Jenny Sillett




Errol Grace (Probus)

Just when we thought that you could not do any better you pulled Mary Poppins out of the box - wow what a spectacular & very professional show. Our Probus Club members had a ball - the cast, music, orchestra, sets, costumes & back stage crew did you proud - equal to any "professional" show in Sydney. Well Done.

"Well done and congratulations on a fantastic Mary Poppins production, thoroughly enjoyed it . I appreciate the efforts and time that goes into make such a production possible from a number of people, so congratulations on another successful GMS show."

Legally Blonde

Once again my friends and I were blown away by the Gosford Musical Society! Your presentation of Legally Blonde: The Musical was bloody fantastic! 

We attended Saturday's 2pm performance, another packed out show and why? Because GMS know how to put on a SHOW! 

We saw Phantom and were spellbound, and now this, you have set a high bar for performances nation-wide! We had so much fun, I was giggling the whole time and so close to being one of "those" audience members who get up on stage! Paulette was hilarious as was her relationship with the "UPS guy"! Fabulous cast, amazing crew, great choreography and the singing! 
Thank you for such an enjoyable time, we are still going on about how much fun we had and I'm thrilled to see what you present next!
Our only regret is we missed out on a program - don't suppose there's any still for sale?!
Once again, I am so very happy to have been lucky enough to secure tickets and cannot wait for something totally amazing next time! Thank you! Bravo! Thank you!



Just wanted to congratulate you and the GMS crew on a fabulous performance Friday evening (Legally Blonde).

My son and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thank you again for the invitation.


Gabby Bowles - Gosford City Council 


The Pirates of Penzance



Review of GMS’ PIRATES OF PENZANCE by Paul Ractliffe

by About the Central Coast

I went to see GMS's production of "The Pirates of Penzance" and enjoyed every minute of it. This is the 1980 Joseph Papp version, made popular in Australia in 1984-1994 tours by Jon English, which allows the Pirate King and Frederic to be more swashbuckling and for the comedy to be extended upon, especially in the more well known numbers such as "I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-General" and "With Cat-Like Tread", the latter of which can run for a few encores depending on the enthusiasm of the audience. The record for this GMS version is currently 8! It also allows for the cast, particularly the Pirate King, to break the fourth wall and interact with the conductor, the audience and, at one point, the biobox, which always gets laughs.

Director Darryl Davis (Frederic in the 1989 GMS motorbike gang version) assembled a talented cast including Chris Martin as The Pirate King, Gareth Isaac (in his first major GMS lead) as Frederic, Marc Calwell as Major-General Stanley, Tiana Young as Mabel, Kerrie Rochford as Ruth, Anthony George as the Sergeant of Police and Daniel Travers as Samuel. Chris, Gareth, Daniel and Anthony relished their comedic song and dance routines putting a lot of fun and energy into them, Marc clearly enjoyed being able to expand on his previous interpretation as the M-G with more comic lines and adhoc quips, Kerrie had wonderful timing and comedic pathos and Tiana has a most amazing voice. She is apparently able to sing a range of over three and a half octaves and in six different languages. All of the rest of the cast - the Pirates, the Daughters of the Major-General and the Police Women of Penzance (complete with big blonde wigs) had fun with their roles and that was picked up by the audience who laughed and clapped along all of the way. Pirates was the inaugural production of the original company, Gosford Musical and Dramatic Society, so it was a nice symmetrical touch that GMS Patron, Kevin Booth, who was involved in that 1948 version, had a cameo role as footman to Queen Victoria (who was played by Kevin's wife, Nancye).

With sellout houses and standing ovations, GMS have another huge hit!

From Rhonda Dundas

Congratulations to GMS on yet another great show. My daughter and I went and saw Pirate of Penzace last night and thought it was fabulous !!! The cast, the sets, the music, everything was just wonderful !

On behalf of all at GCC Community Growth and in particular the Team at LSCT, I want to sincerely congratulate all involved in The Pirates of Penzance for an outstanding production that audiences have, and will continue to embrace.

It is always heartening when audiences connect with energy and enthusiasm of a production as they have with this show. Well done MR D and your team, you have done it again

 I would appreciate you passing these sentiments to all cast and crew.

Chris King - Manager Arts & Entertainment | Culture

The Phantom of the Opera

Thank you for the absolutely marvelous show put on by your fantastic cast and crew!
We attended Saturday's 2pm performance which was packed to the rafters and now we know why.
Having never seen the Phantom, I was thrilled to find it advertised. I was blown away by the high calibre production, its fabulous cast and what a feast for the eyes! Those Masquerade costumes (the monkey!) were so bold and such a surprise! The Phantom's red costume and mask continues to freak me out, so job done! And the scenery! It amazes me on how much can be achieved with so little, someone has a sophisticated eye that did the show justice.

Ben Stephens was a revelation - that voice! Alexandra Swan was just lovely, a perfect Christine. And Messrs. Firmin and Andre - hilarious!
I'm gushing but I really, we really enjoyed ourselves immensely. The performance rivalled that which we've seen in Sydney, Melbourne, London and New York but this time we went no further than our backyard!
I am so very pleased to have been fortunate enough to secure tickets and cannot wait for your 2015 program.

Thank you! Bravo!
Rebecca Giono